How to wear a scarf

borgen scarf

In tribute to the scarf-wearing ladies of Borgen, here is a great video to show the tricks you need to look at Scandi-cool.


Self-Help Summer Vacation

My reading this summer seems to be either about serial killers or self-help. Not sure what on earth this says about me! My current stack of books is a combination of sartorial guidance, getting organised, getting fitter and developing better leadership skills.

I’ve been away a lot this year, and one of the things that I love about it (other than going out to eat in nice restaurants with an expense account!) is that I have become a master packer. I love how the hotel closet looks, with only clothes that I love and that I actually wear hanging loosely apart. I love getting up and choosing something to wear for the day with very little thought and effort, having planned out my week’s activities and what I’ll need.

And then I get home, cram all of those clothes back into my closet alongside lots of other things that don’t fit or don’t suit me or aren’t my style but were on sale…

It may seem like quite a shallow point (and in the grand scheme of the world, it really really is!), but it’s part of my quest to try to live life a bit more mindfully. On the one hand, I don’t want to consume any more than I need to, and so I want to buy smarter and use what I buy (rather than never use, set to one side and eventually give to charity). On the other hand, I also want to think less about all sorts of things and just get on with it. I want to get dressed in the morning without staring at my closet, eventually going, ‘Sod it…I’ll just wear my jeans off the floor and a shirt’.

Part of this is getting to know my style a bit better. According to the closet-gurus in ‘Nothing to Wear?‘, my style is Bohemian-Chic, which sounds about right. According to ‘Colour Me Beautiful‘, my style is Natural, which translates as roughly the same thing. Both say to avoid anything too structured, too ‘classic’. So this morning I dug out a pair of tan suede Prada shoes that I’ve owned for 8 years – a treat to myself when I first started working – and have worn out of the house exactly twice. They look like the sort of thing a trendier Hilary Clinton would wear. Not. My. Style. So I’m going to eBay them, along with a few other things, and put whatever money I get aside in order to buy a nice pair of ballerina flats, which is much more my style.

One thing I’ve learned though through this extensive and frivolous research, which I pass on to you, dear readers. Molly Ringwald – who I am truly enjoying reading – is wrong about something. Not every woman should own a black cashmere turtleneck. Not everyone looks good in black (according to Colour Me Beautiful, I do…which is useful as 3/4 of my wardrobe is black). And women with boobs (34H I wear) should never, ever, EVER wear turtlenecks…cashmere or not! So the trick is to enjoy reading this sort of fluffy self-help, but remember to be bien dans sa peau, as Mireille Guiliano reminds us – good in your own skin. And my skin will never go near a turtleneck again.